With an ongoing 30 year career in the Outdoor Adventure industry, it’s understandable that Richard’s immersion in landscapes has spawned a love of photography.  Growing up in country Victoria as a kid he experienced alpine mountains, wild rivers and cool climate oceans which have laid the foundations for a lifetime of adventures.  When a road trip from the Snowy Mountains town of Jindabyne to Western Australia happened in the year 2000 there was no going back and in the last 24 years he has fallen in love with WA and especially the arid tropics of a little remote West Kimberley town called Broome.

He now calls Broome home and as the owner/operator of the Broome Adventure Company running sea kayaking tours, he has no reason or desires to ever leave.

With weather dictating his work place and the safety of running tours on the water, photography interests were sparked, literally, out of capturing the wet season storms, lightning and wild landscapes. The excitement and adrenaline of witnessing raw nature and the challenge of capturing moments in time on camera, instigated an addiction into photography and being able to share the moments he saw before him for the world to see.

The untamed wild summer wet seasons eventually ended and the seasons changed to the peaceful night sky and astrophotography opportunities during the cooler dry season winter nights. Additionally to this, the urge to seek out unique extremes in nature, huge tides, colours, aerial patterns and coastal landscapes became a natural progression to where he is at today with his photography.

Through social media, friends, work acquaintances and family a long term ambition and goal of establishing a photography business developed.  The Broome Courthouse markets were the perfect launching platform into this, with small fine art prints sold to the local and tourist trade. The weekly requests for people wanting bigger prints lead to investing in a sophisticated print room with high end equipment to produce and meet the demands of people’s requests to go big with his images.  

Where to from here?  The future has endless possibilities.  He loves knowing that his images of Broome and the Kimberley grace the walls from Switzerland to Sydney from Perth to Paris and all places in between.  Promoting this beautiful town of Broome is something he loves doing and images are a way of triggering a want for visiting and chance of remembering for those that have already been to this amazing place.

So you will see Richard out on the water most days during the dry season on a kayak tour, in the print room late at night, at a market, or with his 4 beautiful kids and partner Jade.  It’s a busy life but you can be guaranteed any moment in time worth capturing on camera Richard will ensure he’s there, making the time, for you all to see this beautiful part of the world.

Richard Young – Director /Owner/Photography at Richard Young Photography.